Google Analytics is a tool that allows the removal of an infinite combination of data, but due to little knowledge or lack of time, we often fail to explore this tool 100%.

When we carry out consultancy and management work on SEO and Sponsored Links Management, we need quick and accurate reports with information for daily monitoring for the day-to-day of your virtual store, your institutional website, among others.

Before enjoying the reports, make sure you have set the currency options for your country. First install the report, and then just access the reports via the “Customization” tab.

Top Reports to Measure Data in Analytics

Key PPC Analytics report

If you pay for search engine traffic, you clearly will try to find out which keywords are high performing. You can formerly take this info and use to apply in a SEO campaign. Remembering that to get the most out of PPC reporting, it is recommended to integrate Google AdWords with Google Analytics.

Here are the measures in this report:

  • Visits
  • CPC
  • Completed Objectives
  • Cost per conversion

By separating everything, you will be able to further improve certain keywords that you need to profit more.

Social Networks Analytics report

This report shows you how the social media websites work for you. It is a humble way to find out wherever you should think about spending more time on social media.

The social media reports note:

  • Visits
  • Social actions
  • Completed Objectives
  • Conversion Rate Target
  • Goal value

e-Commerce Analytics Traffic Report

If you have e-commerce, it’s important to separate your traffic methods to see which technique works better. Why one method is better than another? Is it better investing high in a promotion that is tending to grow? Is your paid advertising investment effective?

It contains some of the aspects as shown in the following measures:

  • Visits
  • Percentages of new visits
  • Rejection fee
  • Pages/Visit
  • Revenue
  • Average value
  • Value per visit