When talking about search engine optimization, the user experience is an extremely important part of the process. It’s essential that your website’s load time is quick to ensure users have a worthwhile experience. Fast load times are also crucial to the Google search algorithm, which consider load time when ranking websites.

Content delivery networks work to boost the load time of pages.

The problem, however, stems from the uneasiness people have with CDN’s and its ability to increase the speed of a page. They really don’t understand how content delivery networks work and how it can help them. See Also: B2B SEO Agency

So, what exactly is a content delivery network?

A Look At Content Delivery Networks

In short, they are a system of servers, often known as POPs (or points of presence) located in all parts of the world that deliver web pages based on a user’s location. CDNs, located in the U.S. will distribute web content faster if the user is located in the states compared to one in Australia.

Simply put, the further away a user is from a CDN, the longer the website’s load time is going to be.

Content delivery networks are a wonderful way in which to share content with a broader audience in mere seconds. These networks let you cache the website content, so that an edge server to can deliver it to a user quicker.

It’s why companies should learn all they can about SEO provider, especially when it comes to the benefits of CDN on SEO.

seo europ


Content delivery network will allow a user from Europe to view a North America-based site’s content much faster from a closer server node.

Why Should You Use A Content Delivery Network?

  • Improve your content’s load time
  • Decrease the web server’s open connections
  • Better the user experiences
  • Better the site’s overall performance
  • Reduce the image size the user gets
  • Assist with scaling should the website experience a high traffic volume
  • Reduce traffic spikes to keep your website stable

How Does CDN Affect SEO?

CDN boosts the page speed and content quality the user gets. And, even though it can optimize the load time distribution, it should be seen as a companion to the existing load time strategy. Do not rely on just CDN to do the work you want them to do. What are the effects of CDNs on SEO?

  • They can determine if each website version on multiple servers and places are identical.
  • They use canonical headers and algorithms to detect duplicate content problems.
  • They can deliver the latest content to your users.
  • They can reduce the website’s load time.
  • They reduce the chances for attacks and website crashes with different servers in various locations.

All of this will affect a website’s search engine optimization campaign.

Why Should You Consider Content Delivery Network?

What does this all mean and why should you consider CDN for your SEO campaign?

A content delivery network is beneficial to anybody with a website that has multiple users visiting from various parts of the world simultaneously and offers an array and types of content. Besides the improvement in website load time, there’s the improvement in website rankings to be had. A content delivery network is something any website administrator should consider adding to their SEO arsenal.

A content delivery network can significantly decrease the page speed when the content is hosted in multiple locations, and the host loads the content that’s nearest to the user. This leads to a decrease in miles traveled, which makes the delivery process far more efficient than ever.

It’s important to set up the CDN correctly. If done improperly, your SEO campaign and user experience may be negatively impacted. If you’re unsure of how to do it yourself, it’s always best to get an expert to do it for you.