Relaxing, nowadays, seems to go against the urban routine. According to psychologists, we have less and less time for leisure, free time to program what we would like to do.

And, consciously relax, in the middle of it all, then? It seems to be impossible! Well, here we will give some incredible tips and relaxation techniques to transform your day to day and yourself.

The anxiety, the stress, the rush of routine, collections of work, study and home, make our susceptible to emotional health disorders such as fear, sadness, depression and anger. And, if not treated immediately, they can cause more serious symptoms and consequences.

Top Incredible Relaxation Techniques

Best Relaxation techniques

  1. Being Alone

Find out when is the best time, when you are most alone at home, so that no one can interrupt you. It will take a few minutes to do this.

Ensure a moment of tranquility. Take time for yourself, even 10 minutes a day.

  1. Position

Find the best position, the one that is as comfortable as possible for relaxation. It can be sitting on the bed, in a chair or poof, on the floor, lying down… Discover, experiment, feel like you own the experience.

  1. Breathing

5 minutes of breathing done correctly, that is, of long and deep inhalation and exhalation, is already ideal for establishing minimal physical and emotional relaxation.

It can be, simply, nothing, that is, without thinking or focusing on any goal: just to relax deeply.

  1. Percussive therapy

The massage gun or stress gun provides great percussive therapy. It creates rapid pulses transferred to the body tissue to stimulate them.

  1. Reassure the mind

The next step, after taking a series of deep breaths for 5 minutes, is to start focusing on a fixed point in your mind. It can be an object, an idea, a word, a type of mantra, anything that does not awaken your devolution.