A lot of influencers and resources online have conflicting opinions about skincare. All of these outlets claim they have the ultimate “hack” to keep your skin healthy. However, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around regarding what is a healthy skin care routine. Some of these tips by influencers and resources are even harmful for your skin rather than helpful. Leaders in the spa booking software space provided some of the most popular misconceptions about healthy skincare.

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The popular misconception surrounding sunscreen is that you only need it if it is sunny outside. UVA and UVB rays are present regardless of how much sunlight is peaking through. Your skin can still be harmed by these rays even on a cloudy day. After quite some time, the sun damage will be shown as wrinkles and spot discoloration. You should always apply sunscreen regardless of the amount of sunlight.


It is a common belief that moisturizer isn’t needed if your skin is naturally oily. It is true that moisturizer doesn’t have to be a daily task, but to say that it is useless if your skin is naturally oily isn’t true. Moisturizer protects your skin from all sorts of dirt and grime. It can help add a second barrier over your skin that keeps it safe against harmful pollutants. If your skin is very oily, there are moisturizers that have higher water content which works better with oily skin.

Vitamin E

A lot of skincare outlets claim that vitamin E is a great way to fade away scars off of your skin. Even though vitamin E has been utilized for decades, there is no supporting evidence to the claim that it fades scars. Vitamin E can help for minor hyperpigmentation, but not for scars. If you have a scar that won’t fade away, your best bet is to visit a licensed dermatologist.

Natural Skincare Products   

Many industries offer natural or chemical free products stating how it is healthy for the body. For skincare, this isn’t always the case. Skin varies from person to person. To make a blanket statement that natural skincare products are always the way to go is foolish. Everyone’s skin is different and some people will react poorly to natural products. Certain skin types require artificial chemicals that are approved by dermatologists to treat skin problems. As always, your best bet is to consult with licensed professionals at a dermatologist or spa.

Burning Sensations

A lot of people believe that if they don’t feel the skin activate or burn after applying a topical cream that is doesn’t work. The burning sensation isn’t a reliable indicator that a product is working. A strong burning sensation might be a sign that the product is too strong for your skin or has chemicals that your skin doesn’t need. If the burning sensation morphs into pain, contact a dermatologist immediately.