Looking for the best and simple web analytics software for your website? Wondering what software you should give a shot? Well, you are in the right place. In this article, you’re going to know about a powerful yet simple web analytics tool that is really worth trying.

Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics is the best choice you can go with to stay up to date with all your website’s stats in real-time. All the stats are displayed in a user-friendly manner. Users won’t need to spend long hours understanding how to use it. It’s super easy to us. Anyone with even low tech know-how can comprehend how it works.

What Sets Clear Analytics Apart from Other Tools Available Out There?

Unlike other expensive web analytics solutions, Clear Analytics offers all-inclusive features and functions you would only expect from a high-end tool. Their tracking code is < 1KB in size and there’s no IP tracking, cookies, or fingerprinting.

It is fully compliant and meets all relevant standards, including PECR, CCPA, and GDPR. It offers inclusive and affordable pricing plants for all traffic needs. All your data and stats belong to you and there’s no third-party manipulation.

With Clear Analytics, you can see a detailed, accurate report of your site’s traffic in real-time, know your visitors’ locations, create custom events and monitor their conversation, analyze what pages are performing well on your website, get a detailed overview of your website’s stats, export your site’s states in CSV format, and more. It also offers easy integration with all your favorite platforms, including Shopify, WIX, ghost, Weebly, WordPress, SQUARESPACE, and more.

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