The Bubble shooting games have been around for ages. The new Bubble Shooter has almost the same gameplay in which the player has to pop the given bubbles in limited time. They need to fulfill the requirement in order to move to the next level. This time, there is a bit of twist. There is a bit of improvements combined with old school features. This modern take also features useful power-up that help you pop even more bubbles.

This game brings in new elements while keeping in touch with the roots of bubble shooting. It embraces the modern updates with the old school mechanics. In short, we can say this is a beautiful mesh of old ideas and new technology, and it lives up to the hype.


Casual But Fun

This is a casual game that you can use for a great time pass. Its engaging and can consume hours. It has a lot of new features yet not too complex to pay or understand. It is available for free.

The graphics are cute and it’s a game that has nothing to complain about. There are some daunting in app purchases, but other than that it a phenomenon. For someone who loves casual bubble shooters, this is the pick. It’s a great choice, it has top of the lines graphics, engaging gameplay and stable development. Following are a few other features that makes the Bubble Shooter a great entry.

  • Challenging Levels
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Great features like Bubble Booster
  • Engaging Gameplay


The new Bubble Shooter is beyond any of the game in its genre. We have been never been so eager to replay a mobile game before. Do yourself a favor, if you like puzzle games and bubble shooters, you must try it out. It’s a quality game considering all and definitely worth your money.