HEIC is a new file format in which your images got saved in this format instead of jpg format. And this mostly happens in all iOS devices, including 11 and above. This file format is available to save your images in better form with high optimization with more clear pictures. 

The main issue is that these files are not helpful when you use them on all other devices, including Android and PC. But dot worry, here we brought HEIC file extension, a short and unique way to convert your images into jpg once. Save your images in a folder and use this extension to see the converting magic.

HEIC File Extension- Why To Use It

How to View HEIC File Images in Standard format at Your Windows

Here is the complete procedure about how you can view and save all the mages at your Windows in jpg format instead of HEIC format, which is unable to preview on Windows. Here are some easy steps:

  • Firstly save all the images in a file you want to see
  • Now download the HEIC file extension by using the link that is given above
  • Now install the extension and allow all the accesses if it asks for any
  • Open the file or image you want to see and save it in JPG format

Converting HEIC File into JPG in Windows Directly

It’s easy to convert all HEIC files into JPF files using these steps:

  • After installing the above extension now right-click on the mage you want to view in JPG
  • There are different options there that, check for the converted image to JPG option
  • Right-click on that option and then click Okay
  • Your image is now saved in JPG format, which you can enjoy anytime

Hence, the HEIC extension is the simple and best way to convert all photos and HEIC files into JPG format, which is easy to view on the window. In this way, your images become saved in quality than before. Download this extension today and enjoy its features.