Portable Document Format, better known as PDF was introduced in early 1990’s. Back in that time, sharing documents between two computers or OS was troublesome. The idea to create this format was simple, to create something that will maintain fixed formatting.

With passage of time, it went on becoming one of the most used format in history. Considering that, following are its 4 major benefits.

Document Format is preserved!

This is perhaps the biggest problem faced when sharing a Microsoft Word document. When you share it from one computer to another, the format changes to an extent. This leads to confusion or waste your whole effort.  With PDF document, you can rest assure that the document will open up exactly the way you lay it. In addition, it’s also ideal for sending documents which are intended to be printed.

Format is Ubiquitous

PDF is efficient for what it sets out to do, it is adopted because it’s easy to view and share.  So despite if you share a document with someone close or far away, PDF is the safest way to do it. It sees that the information remains discrete and safe.

Works on any OS

The PDF files are compatible with all major Operating systems in sue. Therefore, despite you use a Windows computer, Mac, Linux, Smartphone or tablet, you will have no problem for opening and viewing these documents.

Easy to Incorporate Non Text Elements

PDF lets you maintain the visual layout and it allows the like to open up in viewer’s browser when the document is viewed.

The Free PDF Utilities Team is a software development team which develops professional yet free PDF related software intended for office and business use. This teams looks forward to preserve the legacy of this format and has introduced the following products:

  • PDF Merger
  • PDF Splitter
  • PDF Watermark
  • PDF Page Resizer
  • Images to PDF