These young entrepreneurs from different parts of Pakistan are set to make themselves shine both on the national and international front by providing their fellow citizens with some amazing services. Life is going to become a lot easier for most of us if we incorporate the use of these wonderful ventures in our daily lives.




With the Bitcoin technology becoming popular around the globe, this recent graduate of Lahore School of Economics is set to bring it to Pakistan as well. By launching the app, Payload, he enables the Pakistanis to use this digital, globally verified currency which ensures completely safe transference of funds.

Bitcoin has become a trusted method of transactions with $121 million worth the money being transacted through it on a daily basis. It’s cheap, fast, and foolproof from hacking which is a major reason behind its increased popularity.


This venture will provide you the most convenient way to look for a doctor and is founded by Harris Durrani and Hamza Iqbal. Currently, the app is in the developmental phase but one can look for doctors and book appointments through the website.

Charging a nominal fee of Rs. 1500 from the medical professionals, Healthwire is dealing with dentists only as of now. Other specialists will be brought on board soon enough.


This is not a new idea but Dockit is doing something different as compared to its competitors in the market. The validity of the discounts is up to 12 months and it charges only Rs.999 for that. The fee will be reduced if it is able to get considerably more users within a year.

Around 380 vendors have successfully signed up with the startup and covers everything from fashion to electronics and groceries to food. It has already sorted out the competition with the e-commerce giants by partnering with them. If someone uses the Dockit card to make a purchase through or Foodpanda, they’ll be getting an additional discount.


With the weddings turning into grand affairs in the country, ShaadiBox is sure to help out all those who are planning to get married. It brings people in contact with the wedding vendors including banquet hall owners, salons, event organizers, jewelry stores etc.

Wedding Planit is the only competition it faces currently but the nature of the two businesses is entirely different. This technology is set to ease up the wedding planning process for this generation.


Edutative is something which aspires to become the LinkedIn of Pakistan by bringing all the news, information, and updates from the education sector of Pakistan including colleges and universities. The students will be able to see the reviews and ratings of various universities by other fellow students which will help them in their admission process.

About 40 universities are collaborating with them at the moment and they plan to enroll each and every university of Pakistan in it. The website will also offer users to take online tests like SAT, MCAT, and ECAT along with a number of other tests as well. The students will get a chance to monitor their progress and work better.


This website, founded by Khalid Bajwa, is all set to become the local music scene of Pakistan by offering a wide variety of song selection. Through this website, the need for going through SoundCloud remixes before actually finding the right song has been eliminated.

More than 50,000 users have already registered themselves and around 750,000 songs are streamed every day. The mobile app has made its way to the mobile of 20,000 people already.

Mango Baaz

We can easily call Mango Baaz the Mashable of Pakistan which provides the latest news, scoops, information, and entertainment to the general public. It highlights the talent and the youth which are ignored by the mainstream media and brings it into public attention.

For the international audiences, it portrays a very fun-loving and friendly nature of the Pakistanis. It aims to reach greater heights by introducing new forms of digital advertising. It wants to take into account the likes and dislikes of the masses by analyzing user data and generating stories according to their analysis.

Rabbit Drop

This website has been designed with the motto of delivering the groceries right at your house within a short span of 60-90 minutes. One of the founders has a degree in Modelling and Simulation Engineering whereas the other one is a Computer Engineering graduate.

Although the website has only 70 users currently but after its official launch, it will bring more retailers on board.

All these amazing startups being launched in Pakistan are using technology to benefit the nation immensely. They can actually improve the living standard and provide utmost ease to the people.

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