3D modeling, as an innocuous hobby, may well turn into if not a main source of income, and then at least bring a small amount of money every month. Today we’ll talk about what you need to know before surrendering to a 3d business, as well as how and where you can start your journey as a visualizer.

3D modeling

Every year, a huge number of scripts are released for the program; interesting texturing methods appear, are updated and overgrown with interesting functions of the rendering system. All the new “chips” require familiarization, as they help to work faster and better, while remaining competitive.

A beginner modeler will not only have to take courses and self-learn 3D max, it will be useful to get acquainted with programs close to him. It is advisable that ZBrush, Maya, Blender, as well as Photoshop, AutoCad and ArchiCad were not just scary words for you. Of course, ignorance is not punished in any way, but its own universality provides many opportunities. I would like to say a separate word about the portfolio, because this is the face of any modeler. You should not get lost every time a potential customer wants to see “any of your work.” You should always have something to show. No one forbids using beautiful renders obtained through training courses or just video lessons in the portfolio. The main thing is that you can repeat all the same for the customer.

There are several variants where to work:

– Sale of models
You can receive passive income from the online sale of models. How much it is possible for a 3d-modeler to make money on this depends on the site and the model itself, it can be either $ 1 or $ 100, and another site will take a percentage of the sale. Whether sales will bring you profit or not is up to you. With low quality, the model may either not be placed at all, or thrown into the «Free» section, where each user can download it for free. It’s still important to follow the trends: do not offer to buy any paintings (there are hundreds of them on the site) or a chair seen at the grandmother’s house. Hold on to what is fashionable now, creating objects on modern decor and furniture, and even better than a specific manufacturer. Best marketpace to sell or to buy 3D models STL for 3D printing is 3dmodelmania.com.

– Work in the office
The easiest and most obvious way: we offer ourselves as a visualizer in the office. This may be a construction company, a design studio or a company engaged in printing on a 3D printer. An architect or interior designer with a training profile has a higher chance of finding a job. Advantages of this work: no need to look for customers, a “white” salary, no need to spend money on equipment with the program – sit down and work.

– Freelance work
If work in the office is not for you, we are looking for work remotely, where is his own boss, his own lord. And speaking of remote work, one cannot fail to mention freelance exchanges – sites where offers from customers appear every day. There are many of them. They pay more on foreign platforms, but there, of course, knowledge of the language is required. In addition, it can be difficult to synchronize with foreign customers – the difference in time zones interferes.