Most riders who ride competitively want to become the best in their sport.  According to studies on successful athletes, there are certain common characteristics they share:

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One of these characteristics is the discipline to constantly practice your skills. If you want to become a top athlete, you need to train every day of the week and for as many hours as possible using best possible equipment such as magnetic safety stirrups.  Preferably you should be under the supervision of a good trainer who can teach and correct you constantly.

Physical and mental training

To ride your best you must be fit and healthy.  Many riders believe that just riding a horse is enough, but most Olympic riders also do other activities to stay fit. These riders nowadays consult with a nutritionist, fitness expert, and mental trainers. If you want to become a top rider, you must begin to look at your fitness and emotional readiness to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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You will often hear people in competitions commenting “oh he wins because he has rich parents, an amazing horse” and so on. No one reaches the top unless you have an unshakable determination. Most top riders have had some kind of adversity. Without determination, you will stop at the first or second hurdle placed in your path.

So have a plan of action if your dream is to become a great knight.

  1. Mount as often as possible under the supervision of a good trainer.
  2. Follow a fitness plan and eat well.
  3. Learn tools to help you be mentally strong.
  4. Even though you have a lot of setbacks and hardships, remember what your goal is and keep taking small steps to reach it.

Want to be a mentally strong knight or horsewoman? Start implementing these habits today.