The Sigelei 150 Watt is one of those amazing products that get out of stock as soon as they get into the market. The main reason behind this is not because the product comes in the market in a small quantity but because people buy it in a large proportion as soon as it comes in the market. The battery has quite a sturdy look and seems like the product is going to work perfectly for quite a long time. The first impression of the product is reliable on the onlooker and it definitely lives up to the expectations of the buyer. The main reason behind the solid build of the product is the fact that it is covered with a metal casing that makes it long lasting in terms of its usage. The sleeve of the phone is silver which makes the product look even more attractive and sticking.


The features:

The .8ohm resistance of the Sigelei 150 Watt and the capacity of carrying up to 35 watts of the current at a single time is something that makes the product worth having as well as worth paying your money for. As you keep on using the battery, its capacity will further increase and will reach up to the 65 watts the next day. You can easily manage the current passing through the battery just according to your preference and can either lower it or increase its capacity. If you are someone who is in a dire need of a device that comes with a high wattage, you must buy this product as soon as possible.

Should you buy it?

The looks of the battery will attract you and the working of the Sigelei 150 Watt will satisfy you to the core. Make sure that you buy it before the stock ends!