Knowing how the weather will be not only in one day but at least throughout the week is something totally necessary for people to plan their activities. And, as the smartphone is a constant companion, there is no better instrument to help you keep up-to-date.

There are many weather forecast applications in the Google apps store, some more complete and full of extra features. Others with simpler interfaces, ideal for those who want to get right to the point. Here, we’ve listed some of them to help you choose which one best suits your needs.


Weather: Radar & Forecast: It is an application that provides a flurry of weather information, without leaving behind the ease of use and without appealing to many confusing menus and buttons. The hourly forecast for each day is the most detailed among applications of the genre.

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The app has so many functions that unfortunately some simply do not work outside of Europe. The app brings animations on the map about cloudiness, rainfall, temperature and other climatic characteristics.

The Accuweather: It stands out for the well-crafted and out-of-the-box look and the large numbers of settings that help the user customize the application experience. Graphs that display temperature variation over a single day or over the course of several days help you quickly and intuitively see how time will behave over a period of time.

With so many options and visuals, the Accuweather gets a little heavy and slower than other styling apps. In addition, it brings news and videos, but only about the United States.

WeatherBug: It is well detailed, but leaves a few things aside, like more widgets and animation options, to offer them in the paid version of the app. Even so, the free app works satisfactorily with detailed weather data. A differential is the “lifestyle” part, which shows how the climatic variations of the week can positively or negatively affect aspects such as family outings, sports and body care.