Today Augmented Reality is getting popular among the businesses who are looking to work smarter. AR is the combination of virtual and the real world. It will drop the virtual overlays straight into the sight of headphones wearers, or implant these cardinal add-ons into filmed captured on a mobile device.

This technology is covering the world including small, medium and large size businesses as now Google selling Glass headset to several business owners and Microsoft is also on the way to launch similar technology that is supposed to be called HoloLens. These headsets are usually not proved and have caveats.

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Some issues had been seen with Google Glass as they have faced privacy backlash in their early initial releases. On the other hand, analysts are predicting the uses of this technology in a positive way. Especially the businesses are looking for new ways to add some productive stuff in their promotions and AR can play an integral part in this regard. Here’s how it can help businesses:

Remote Guidance: It can assist the field engineers to make accurate assessments as they have to spend most of their work outside.

Better Training: The companies like Program-Ace company are using AR for training and education purpose. This is not like the real training scenarios, being a trainee you can play through an augmented reality situation for many times as they require to hold an idea or a process.

Visualizing Objects: It helps virtual substances to be located in the first world as a procedure mentioned to as visualization. The real and virtual world offers the designs to interact with the 3D world.

Better Customer Service: This is most liked the part that every business required, as this technology is making the life of the client easier by facing staff, mainly for individuals who are doing trad.