Tencent Games, world’s one of the most reputed game operating, developing and publishing company, has officially unveiled its Common R&D Operation System for game developers at GDC in San Francisco.  With this all-new system, developers can develop games with greatest accuracy and professionalism. During its keynote session, the company said their CROS’s advanced technological solutions have helped over 200 mobile games achieve huge success.  

The session also included a case study of world’s blockbuster game PUBG MOBILE. The case study highlighted how the system helped PUBG MOBILE become a well-optimized mobile game. It also talked about how CROS products such as MTP (Mobile Tencent Protect), G6 (Game R&D Solutions), Intelligent Network Optimization (INO), and WeTest helped PUBG MOBILE grow big in no time.

The system provides developers with everything to create a more competitive and immersive multiplayer gaming experience. Due to Tencent’s consistence effort and support, CROS now has the ability to take gaming industry to a whole new level. World’s leading mobile game development companies like Garena, Supercell, Epic Games and Miniclip have used Tencent’ CROS products to create more high quality mobile video games. Tencent CROS is designed with latest gaming needs in mind.

What makes Tencent solutions stand out from the competition is that they allow gaming developers to go beyond their limits to create a new kind of gaming experience. The team at Tencent Games has made great strides in fixing gaming issues related to security, performance, and quality of mobile video games. They work closely with other leading game companies, including Supercell, Gerena, Netmarble, Epic Games, and Riot Games. When it comes to games developed by Tencent CROS, there’re many big names that may surprise you such as PUBG MOBILE, and Arena of Valor.