The most recent breakthrough in garage door technology is the smart garage door controller. This is a feature for your automatic garage door that gives you authority over the way your garage door functions. Every breakthrough is accompanied with its pros and cons. Pros and cons of the smart garage door are as follows:

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  1. Pulling into a driveway and having to get out of a car to open up the garage door can be tedious but with this technology, it is much easier as with a click of a button you can open close your garage door.
  2. Lifting heavy garage door by a person especially if that person is old is pretty hard as it results in strained path. Also there are some safety features that the garage door does not close if there is something in its way.
  3. It gives ensures security as its motion sensors and geofencing technologies.
  4. It is much more affordable than when it first came out.
  5. Through advancement in technology, it uses less electricity.


  1. It has a high installation cost as it includes a lot of technical work.
  2. In order to keep the door working properly it uses special kind of battery to work systematically. Battery life is just 2 years, without the garage door is useless.
  3. The opener needs electricity to work, any power outage concerns can lead to having a car being stuck inside or outside a garage.
  4. It is very high maintenance.

After looking at the facts smart garage door has its own pros and cons and one can not deny the fact that it is little high maintenance but it has safety security and convenience to offer. If you are looking for an affordable garage door company in El Cajon or in Imperial Beach a don’t forget  Wells Local garage door repair.

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