Designed and advertised by KATVR, Kat Walk Mini is the latest omni-directional treadmill that allows you to enjoy a full 360 VR experience you can’t get with any other machine in the market. Whether you’re a game enthusiast or a VR technology fan, this is exactly what you’re looking for. It has everything to add a thrilling touch to your gaming life. Twisted Reality is an authorized US distributor of Kat Walk Mini. To know more about how you can this amazing omni-directional treadmill, please visit their website or email them at Twisted Reality is the US’s leading online store that sells virtual reality equipment. Their online site ranks higher on Google with the following keywords: Kat Walk Mini, Buy Kat Walk Mini, Omni-Directional Treadmill, KAT VR Distributor US, Ready Player One Omni Directional Treadmill, etc.


The Kat Walk main features include but are not limited to: universal compatibility, smaller and lighter, adaptive and unrestrictive, compact and super portable, smart and fully safe. It’s a complete package designed especially for VR gaming enthusiasts. What makes it stand out among its competitors is that it provides you with a more natural walking, running and jumping experience you can’t get with any other OTD in the market. Offering support for all the top leading VR platforms and headsets, the Kat Walk Mini is completely compatible with all the virtual reality games supporting free locomotion.

The Kat Walk Mini features an adaptive and portable design that can easily fit in even the most congested spaces or rooms. Users can freely turn around, sprint, walk, crouch, walk backwards, strafe and even sit down to collect pick up objects with utmost efficiency and accuracy. Its optimized algorithm and contactless sensor technology are what makes it the perfect choice for modern day gamers and VR lovers. It covers only 2 squire meters of your floor space and is very easy to set up and move around, thanks to its flexible design.

kat walk mini

Its state of the art movement tracking algorithm ensures almost zero delay and allows users to enjoy a very precise and realistic motion tracking effect. It requires only less harness and your legs and arms can move around freely and smoothly. With Kat Walk Mini, you’re absolutely free to move around in the Virtual World while being fully safe.  

The Kat Walk Mini is a product of KATVR, a China-based company that specializes in manufacturing virtual reality equipment. Their team is comprised of over 100 people, including 50 well-seasoned engineers. If you’re interested in buying their Kat Walk Mini, be sure to visit Twisted Reality, the leading authorized US distributor of Kat Walk Mini. Here’s what the team at KATVR says about their omnidirectional treadmill:

‘’This cutting edge machine offers you a vehicle for movement with any locomotion compatible application. Whether for business, gaming, training simulations, or even educational explorations, the Kat Walk Mini has you covered!’’

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