Meet the new Crazy Flappy Bird the world famous android gaming app, it goes popular in all over the world among a huge number of Android users. Here is a new look of Crazy Flappy Bird game free download available.

Flappy Bird Android Game

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If you want to become a flapping master so download the Flappy Bird for android mobile. This game is always one step ahead to the other games.

Salient features of Flippy Bird Game App

  • Compete with the other friends who are playing this free Flippy Bird game
  • The coin you will save will help you to buy awesome looking Flippy Birds
  • Enjoy the competition and see your name in the list of top scorers

How to Play Floppy Bird on Android Phone

It is very easy to play Floppy Bird game, simply follow the under given steps and ejoy the game.

  1. Keep taping your phone screen to flap your wings to fly
  2. Save your Bird from the pipe huddles
  3. Try to get medals Bronze, Silver or Gold

More over you can Earn Medals like

  1. Bronze for easy
  2. Silver for kind of hard
  3. Gold for very hard

With advanced Store options you may purchase

  • Baby to improve the score
  • Snow Level to enjoy wonderful backgrounds
  • Flippy Bird to get splashy Bird with more amazement
  • Underwater Level to see scenery with the Splashy Bird character

Once you will Play Flappy Bird game you will be fan of it as more you will play this game the more you enjoy in each new stage.