These creations will change your perception on this toy brand.

Ah, LEGO. Everyone is aware of this brand as the block-like toys that most kids are obsessed with these days. These toys have been winning the hearts of not only children, but adults too for years now. Because of the immense popularity that the brand has been succumbed to, many people have been inspired from it. We’re bringing you seven such creations that companies have made whilst giving a nod to the LEGO Company.


  1. USB port

Could you imagine having all of your gadgets being LEGO inspired? How fun would that sight be? There was a picture that was quite popular on the imagine sharing website, Pinterest. It was of a USB extension cord or port. However, what was eye-catching about it was the exterior. The shape of the device was exactly like that of a rectangular shaped LEGO brick. It is available in different colors. Although we are not sure of the company that made it, it’s still extraordinary.

  1. LEGO Lamp

Who doesn’t want customized furniture right? This lamp is a LEGO fan’s dream. With a transparent and white like exterior, the “lamp” stands like a short rectangular brick. It is supported by a similar bottom that holds the actual light source. Made by ‘Technabob’, this creation looks so much like the actual toy. With things like this LEGO lamp, you would feel just like a citizen of the fascinating LEGO world. The top layer of the lamp is removable, making it useful as a stationary holder if needed. A shocking fact is that this gadget is about 100 times larger than the standard Lego toy. If this doesn’t make us want to live in that world, we don’t know what will.

  1. LEGO Camera

If you’ve been a fan of the LEGO series, you must’ve been wondered what a world full of everything Lego would look like. The company Digital Blue came up with an idea of making an actual camera inspired by the toy brand! A digital camera, the device represents the brand perfectly. It works just like any camera would, except the unique design of course. It has about 3MP of a resolution. It would be funny to see how other people would react to you holding this camera at a party! You’d just look like you were holding a weirdly-sized Lego brick. Staying on the game/ toy topic, has some unique ones.

  1. MP3 Player

Make music even better with this LEGO inspired mp3 player. Made from the same company that made the Lego camera, it has a similar design preference. From what is seen through the pictures, it comes in a pinkish hue of a color. The player has a similar brick-like proportion and structure. Owning this would be rather eccentric and cute. This would also be a nice and unique gift to someone who has an apt for such new things. Blast away your favorite tracks on this LEGO mp3 player!

  1. 10,000 Year LEGO Calendar

Since the Lego inspired creations have been trending, here comes another unique one. If you’re looking to amplify or zest up your boring work desk, this could be a useful gadget for you. This calendar beats all stereotypes of the brand being only a kid’s affair. This gadget was made by the company, TFTS. You only live once so why have a boring calendar?

  1. USB/Pen drive

We’ve seen a lot of wacky USB designs, but this one is on top of our list. ‘Zip Zip’ decided to make a USB Memory brick which is exactly what it sounds like. Doing the same job of a regular USB, it comes in a perfectly designed LEGO brick from. It is available in various colors.

  1. Mp3 Player Again

‘GeekAlerts’ made a smaller version of the previously made mp3 player. Completely different in size and structure this is a more portable and cute one. Obtain music anywhere, anytime with the Brick mp3 player inspired by LEGO.