Iphone and its amazing applications:

The competition between the fans of apple and Samsung is something that we have been witnessing for years. As soon as a new version of iphone or a new Samsung iphone is launched, the war among the fans heats up. Where the phone lovers say that apple comes up with the best possible phones, android lovers claim the same. However, when we compare the applications provided by apple to its users, they are definitely better as compared to the Google store applications. Some of the top apps for iphone are as follows:


The news app:

BBC news is an application that is the most sought after application of iphone. Millions of people have downloaded the application on the phone as it helps them staying updated about the current affairs. You can search for the news that interest you and your phone will give you notifications whenever something interesting is happening anywhere in the world.

Browse the files:

When apple came up with its new application of File Browser, half of the world took a sigh of relief as they no longer had to keep on synchronizing their phones with the iTunes anymore. The process of synchronization is quite irritating and the application provides you an ability to watch your stuff right from the application. It is also one of the most downloaded applications.

For you phones:

There is no doubt in the fact that iphone comes up with the best camera ever. Other phones have not yet come at the pace with the iphone in terms of its camera quality. The Photoshop Touch is a photo editing application that you need to have if you have an iphone. The editing supremacy of this application is just marvelous and you get a variety of options to choose from while editing your pictures and giving them a new look. It is one of the top apps for iphone.

MyTrainer by Jon Gunn


The MyTrainer app is a fitness tool unlike any other on the market. It provides a unique interactive platform on which fitness trainers and instructors can market themselves 24 /7 while at the same time providing the general population with a fun easy to use search engine. The goal of MyTrainer is to both expand one’s marketability and make finding a trainer, coach or routine as simple as possible.

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