Whether you’re a crypto trader or an individual wanting to showcase your skills to a larger audience, ALMBank is the right place you’re looking for. The platform will be live in a couple of weeks after its ICO. It’s an all-new platform designed with present-day crypto needs in mind, creating a new kind of charitable and employment culture within the crypto community.

With this amazing platform, you can hire people using cryptocurrency, ultimately taking crypto-market to the next new levels. To invest in this project, you will need to purchase ALMBank Tokens through an Ethereum-based wallet. The platform is 100% safe and secure and you can rest assured that all of your transactions will be safe.


Here’s what the team at ALMBank says about their platform:

‘’ALMBank is breaking the mold between profit & non-profit to create a business that pays people to create a self-funding charitable economy. We’re developing meaning and sustainability for the crypto community, along with building a one-stop shop for anyone looking to hire within crypto.

We employ people by finding them meaningful jobs! We offer freelancers a place to showcase their skillsets for no cost. We help ICO’s build high level and functional teams. These services fund our charitable marketplace, a first of its kind in the world.’’

It’s an ideal place for crypto enthusiasts wanting to do something big. They can build their dream projects via community up-voting. What makes it standout is that only working members can participate in voting, meaning only solid projects will come to the top through a candid voting system. Visit their website to know more about how ALMBank works.

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