These days it is difficult to do anything without including some kind of technology. No matter where we go or what we do, you can guarantee that somewhere technology will be involved. It is said that it is all of the gadgets around us that have made us lazy, and in turn they have led to the rise in people being overweight. Tech is partly to blame, but it is also due to the easy availability of low cost sugar and fatty foods. Saying that, we can put these gadgets to good use in order to lose weight.

There are many electronic items that can be used to help to lose and monitor weight loss, such as Body Mass Index scales and fitness machines, but the latter tend to be very expensive, and usually end up gathering dust after the first few weeks. The best tech to use is what most people keep in our bags or pockets; a smartphone or tablet PC. These are mini computers and have more power in them than a desktop computer from the end of the last century. So, the most cost effective way of losing weight is to utilize the apps available.

Nexercise is an excellent app and is fun to use. It has a lot of options, and is designed to help take the boredom out of doing physical exercise. It allows interactivity between friends, so you can work out together, but in different locations. It also sets various challenges with rewards for completing them. The downside to trying to lose weight is keeping at it, and this app is a great help.

My Fitness Pal is a food and fitness tracker. It includes an extensive database of over two million foods. You can track everything that you eat and monitor the calories, as well as the fat and sugar content. Seeing this in black and white over time allows you to see what not to eat. It also includes an exercise tracker.

Weight Watchers Mobile. Everyone has heard of Weight Watchers, and it has helped many people over the years get down to a weight that they are comfortable with. The app gives access to a lot of information, and makes it easy to track what you do and eat. It is also easy to compare results with other Weight Watcher users, which can help to keep you motivated.

PhuketFit weight loss program also comes with an app for the guests phone. This helps them keep track on their results during the retreat and also continue when they return home. More and more weight loss and fitness retreats are now implementing these types of apps and other technologies.

Nike Training Club is a really useful app for exercising alongside. Regardless of your current weight and level of fitness, it will give you a routine to work with that will help you get fitter. Over time the app will adjust the routine to take into account the improvements you are making.

Of course, it does not matter how good the app is, or what other technology may be used. Weight loss is all down to controlling how much energy goes in, and how much of it is burnt off, but anything that can help reach that goal is a good thing.