Every Business Owner Wants To Save Money – We All Know That And every successful business owner does exactly that in areas of production, operations, labour, lighting and electricity, water, and pretty much all the classic inputs for business. But what about the environment for employees?  We are no longer in an industrial revolution where people simply show up to a manufacturing line and make widgets. Most people work in an office, and work has changed.

standing desk

In this article, we’re going to talk about the ongoing revolution that people are ‘standing up’ for.  Back in 2013, the excessing sitting we partake in was getting noticed, and the standing desk started receiving recognition as a powerful tool to combat ‘the sitting illness’. To think that it’s already been 7 years since, and now more accepted than ever (offices are now buying sit to stand desks whenever they get new desks furniture).

The costs of these desks have come down, just as recognition has gone up. It is now becoming apparent that long term benefits of using a sit stand desk already outweighs the cost. And financial savings?  Saving each and everyone of you from a medical appointments, sick days, and a lifetime cost of maintenance meds.

Why do you need one.

Here’s why: The evolution of sitting to standing at work is no longer a trend, it is an undeniable modernization of how the regular joe works at the office today. It’s simply because it takes working at the office to a whole new level. We are not strangers to the feeling of dreading going to work. No matter how much love you put on working the 9-5, it eventually becomes sickening and exhausting, right? A repetitive daily activity which requires minimal body movement and a ton of eye to monitor contact and focus.  We’ve been presented an alternative to do the exact same thing but wiser and healthier, so it begs the question, why not?

How is Buying A Standing Desk Saving Me Money

We understand there may be doubts, but without good reason we wouldn’t be talking about this today. That is why we are confident enough to say that this is not a purchase, it is an investment. That bears repeating: it is not a PURCHASE, it is an INVESTMENT. If you’re looking for a return, you can see it yourself in the next 3-6 months of using our sit stand desk. And we’re just getting started.

Your Money’s Worth or Your Money back

Many of the sit to stand desk companies out there WANT you to try a standing desk at your company, and many are willing to put their wallets where their mouth is and offer a money back guarantee. Whatever standing desk company you connect with, ask them about a money back guarantee. If you don’t notice an increase in productivity, and an increase in health, they will take your desks back and give you a full refund (often for up to a year).  So you are financially covered, and you’re setting up employees to be healthier and more natural. Humans have been genetically coded to be upright and active and it’s better to keep it that way, especially at the office where we spend most of our time.