We like to stereotype others just so we can rationalize our screw-ups. It gets even worse when gender description is accounted for. It exists everywhere, even in the gaming world. Although, most gaming shows and reviews are being hosted by girls, being a Gamer Girl can be a real headache because of the popularized stereotypes that girls don’t play good. That’s a false assumption. Girls can play but they are distracted by these issues that plague the gaming community.

Gamer Girl 3


It’s a misconception that only Boys enjoy video games.  Girls love them too, besides not everyone is a fan of TV melodrama and epic romantics. But the problem, being a Gamer Girl, you are discriminated based on gender. Unfortunately, girls are somewhat accounted responsible because they can’t just resist mentioning their gender in the username. Seriously, who will care in a live match?

Surprised by a Girl

Geeks are surprised to see a girl in the club. While it may seem awkward, it’s not that creepy at all. Yes, gaming nerds are somewhat surprised but that’s because they are not used to see many girls in live gameplay. But they won’t care much once they see you are playing and they may actually get impressed by your gaming chops, if you have any.

Male Ego

Some men don’t handle rejection well, and it gets worse when a gamer dude gets manhandled by a girl in the virtual realm. Once again, nothing to fuss about! They guy is just furious because he wasn’t as good as you and is having a hard time dealing with the fact he lost the game. It doesn’t matter whether he lost from a girl or boy, most gamers don’t appreciate people who are better at gaming than them.  If anyone is being hard on you for defeating him, then he just has some security issues. It’s not your fault.