If you’re a fan of Naruto, and you’ve always wanted to interactively experience the story just as it’s presented in the main series, then you have to play Naruto online, a new MMORPG game that you can play for free.

You get to pick a protagonist from five different shinobi, who each represent the five main nature releases, and have a fixed set of skills that you’ll get to expand later on.

The story starts at the point where Naruto graduates from the ninja academy, forms a team with Sasuke and Sakura, and works toward the bell trial of Kakashi-sensei.

The main plot mostly stays true to the main series, except that you’re an added character. Subplots provide you with rare items to upgrade your characters.


There are five ways to develop: First is leveling up, going a level up increases all skills. You get experience points every time you achieve something.

Second is the equipment strengthening, which trains individual skills. You need coins for this, which are given to you after completing certain achievements.

Third is equipment upgrading, you can give your characters items that give them advantages in a general skill, or rarer items that have special uses.

If you upgrade equipment, you don’t train skills directly, but you expand their potential. Each item can power up, by attaching jewels with a tomoe shape.

Fourth is team building, You can arrange a set of characters that you’ve received in the series as your team mates. These aren’t fixed sets, as you can both recruit characters from your team and those who are not. Characters with similar professions, like a group of medic-nin, or characters with a certain relationship, like the rivals Naruto and Sasuke, the lovers Naruto and Hinata, the teacher and student Naruto and Jiraiya, or even characters with a deep mutual understanding,like Naruto and Haku, get to attack in collaboration.

Each kind of collaboration raises the numbers of hits you can give in succession. You can get new characters to fight with, by collecting character fragments.

These are given to you after completing an arc, or by taking part in the bond treasure lottery. And last, but not least, is increasing your star level.

Each character in the series goes through some character development and gets extra strength and jutsu to use as the series continues.

For example, Naruto starts as a newbie genin with the sexy jutsu and the shadow clone jutsu, but after he experiences the shinobi life, he becomes stronger and learns new techniques like the rasengan. These developments aren’t just for show: Put them to the test by fighting various opponents.

This is done with a rather simple battle system: It’s an automatic turn-based fighting format, which you can influence indirectly. Just click on the foe you want to focus your moves on, and select the moves you want to use. Each move uses a certain amount of chakra and has to cool down after use.

The Naruto Online MMORPG is pretty good and for those who are Naruto fans, it’s a lot of fun to play.