If you’re looking for ways to make your garage door a bit less noisy, there are some simple fixes you can do yourself. One of the most common solutions is to lubricate the rollers and tracks. This will reduce any squeaks or creaks that occur when the door moves. You can purchase a spray-on or brush-on lubricant specifically for garage door hardware.


You should not use regular household lubricants like WD-40, as they are not designed for metal and plastic components. If the noise persists after lubricating the rollers and tracks, try replacing the weatherstripping along the bottom of the garage door.

This will help to reduce any rattling or vibration when the door is opened or closed. The weatherstripping can be purchased at most hardware stores and home improvement centers.

Finally, consider adding insulation to the door itself as well as the frame around it. Foam board or fiberglass panels are ideal for this purpose and can help reduce both sound and heat transfer. You may also want to add a sturdy handle to the inside of the door, as it can reduce vibration.

These simple adjustments should help to make your garage door quieter and more efficient. With just a few low-cost improvements, you can enjoy a quieter and smoother operating system in no time at all. If the problem still persists, it might be a good idea to call a licensed garage door opener repair Laurel service for assistance.

An experienced technician can diagnose the issue and determine if any other repairs or maintenance is necessary. The cost of these services will vary depending on the complexity of the job, but in most cases, it’s worth it to ensure that you have a reliable and quiet functioning door.

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