Unless you have a pallet of colors, to make blue color that you like very much is frequently a big pain — if it’s not more or less possible. Though, with the current release of a product, the Color Muse, any person can identify quickly the name of paint brand and floor sheet in just one minute. There is nothing to do more for color matching. No longer, you need to worry; you got the right color to match with a shade but it was not. Using Color Muse, time of stress to search a right paint shade match has gone.


Being available online for around $49, it does not only have the ability to match colors fast but it can also suggest the right brand to users. Its ability of color matching offers the likely color match, in addition to potential product matches from different companies. The user can set the personal template projects and send the data via Bluetooth to any Android or iOS smartphoness.

It is an essential tool to have for more than a few different uses and people. It makes facility managers, paint contractors, and interior designers to not think any more. It lets anyone match colors like pro. For any house improvement project or any do-it-yourself task, Color Muse has the ability to pay easily for itself every weekend, because, it does not let you to go t hardware shore again and again to mach you home paint with chips. It makes salesmen so smart to match anything from floor covering to furniture –- all for less than $50.

The scanning sensor with flashing LEDs in a good design, the Color Muse is no larger than an N size battery, indicating it can be stored easily in a small capacious bag or purse. The battery life allows to scan 3,000 times.