Search engine optimization is an important aspect of all websites and online businesses today, and it’s also something that is constantly changing as time goes by. I think we can all remember the good old days (2005-2011) when top rankings could be achieved for just about any keyword by simply blasting your domain with a couple of hundred blog comments. Unfortunately, Google has become much smarter today and engaging in such practices will more than likely get your website penalized or even de-indexed. So what kind of link building is recommended for websites today and what are the best onpage tips to help a business improve its ranking? Lets discuss them below.

  1. Meta tag optimization – When building a website you need to always ensure that you have properly optimized your homepage’s meta tags (title, description, keywords) to help your top level domain rank for the keywords you desire. This should also be done for all inner pages to help your site rank for long tail keywords too.
  1. Keyword density – Always make sure that your website has a keyword density equal to or less than 4% for the most used word. Spamming your website content with repetitive words or phrases could get your site penalized and this is obviously something you want to avoid.
  1. Content – Make sure the content that you put on your website is always unique and engaging. Avoid using duplicate content and make sure the content will capture the attention of your audience. This will help keep visitors interested in your website and will increase return visitors.
  1. Link Building – Guest posts, blogposts and homepage links are effective for link building today. Reach out to websites in your niche and ask if they can publish a guest post with a link back to your site. This will have great benefits to your rankings.
  1. Website Template – WordPress is arguably the most popular CMS today and many website owners use wordpress themes on their websites. Try to choose a highly responsive wordpress template that loads fast when making a decision. Even simple wordpress themes can be very attractive and highly effective in terms of keeping visitors engaged with your website.

These are some basic SEO tips that will help you rise above your competition.