Active Optical Cable is the latest cabling technology accepting electrical inputs with optical fibers between the connectors. The AOC employs electrical to optical conversion on both cable ends, improving distance performance and speed of the cable without having to sacrifice the compatibility with Standard Electrical Interfaces.

Active Optical Cables are far better than Copper Cables due a number of reasons. AOC ensures high performance computing connectivity while minimizing density, weight and power consumption.

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Benefits of Using Active Optical Cable

Greater Bandwidth

With more bandwidth, AOC carry more info with better fidelity compared to traditional copper cable. Everything gets speedier and smoother when you consider active optical cable.

Secure & Reliable Transport

With the growing online security threats, everyone has become very conscious about its online security, and therefore takes it very seriously.  Active optical cable is very difficult to tap and doesn’t emit signals, reducing the chances of being hacked or tapped. The leaking light will warn you if someone tries to tap it.

Speed & Distance

Due to very little Signal Loss, the active optical cable ensures high performance though lighting fast speed.

Lightweight Compared to Copper Cable

Since Active Optical Cable is lightweight, you could expect better performance compared to those copper cables. That’s why we’re seeing a high demand of active optical cable in both residential and industrial sectors.

Low Power Consumption

Unlike copper wires, active optical cables consume less power while delivering ultimate, super-fast performance. They could make a significant difference when used in large sectors.

Low Cost

Being inexpensive is probably one of the major advantages of Active Optical Cable. At low price, you could enjoy high performance, super-fast data transferring, greater bandwidth and more.