Today apart from parental control, Phonetracking app is used to control workers in work areas and does it perfectly well because the workers themselves say so. This story is a sign that when you want to serve humanity you can generate positive changes in the world.


Using Phonetracking in a company

You will never have problems with legality whenever you notify them about the activity and get their approval in writing. Describe in detail what are the activities and uses of the cell phone that are allowed and those that are prohibited. Watch only activities that relate to work.

If you have any doubt as to whether what you are doing is completely legal in your country, consult with an expert in labor laws, since we want to avoid any inconvenience with the justice or with an unscrupulous employee who uses the legal vacuum to annoy you.

Available features:

  • Monitor calls and contact list.
  • Read Text messages sent and received.
  • Complete WhatsApp monitoring
  • Read all browsing history
  • Reading and modification of Events
  • Reading and modification of the Notes
  • Know the current location and recent sites.
  • Control calls, contact list and user block.
  • Control all emails.
  • Manage one hundred percent of the mobile’s internet.
  • Modify Calendar activities.
  • Reset the device or clean all its memory.

The monitoring software works regardless of the telephone company or target location and is usable with all service providers. However, this app requires an Internet connection to transfer the data to your personal account, which is why it is necessary to have an internet connection.

It is noteworthy that the official download site of this app is There you will be aware of any update that is made in favor of the improvement of the experience when using this app. It provides service on five continents, every day and at all times.