If you’re looking for a more powerful, scalable and versatile server, there’s nothing better than Dell PowerEdge T640 Server, a complete package designed with scalability in mind to deliver optimum results and performance. It comes with 2 socket server performance and a massive internal storage capacity.

Dell PowerEdge T640 Server

When it comes to CPU, the server is powered by powerful Intel® Xeon® Silver 4110 2.1G scalable processors, with up to 28 cores per processor. It features 24 DDR4 DIMM slots and supports LRDIMMS/ RDIMMS. It supports Registered ECC DDR4 DIMMs only.

It’s ideal for:

  • Consolidation
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Server virtualization
  • Business analytics (BI), database, and intelligence
  • Applications & imaging for finance, medical, science and education
  • Software-centric technologies

It’s the best choice for remote sites, mid-zed offices and data centers that want to employ a versatile and scalable server to meet their services. It addresses a number of workloads and future proofs your data center with performance, flexible storage and I/O options. It’s designed in a way that it meets growing business needs with its scalable structure, accelerating demanding workloads for future growth with lucrative in-server expansion.

What makes it stand out from the rest?

  • It delivers fast insights with up to eight NVMe drives and 2 10GbE connections.
  • Scales compute resources with powerful and scalable processors that offer 50 percent increase in bandwidth and 27 percent in cores than its predecessor.
  • Provides innovative imaging and VDI with 4 300W GPU accelerators
  • Addresses huge data growth with up to 32 x 2.5″ or 18 x 3.5″ drives, & 8 PCIe slots.

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