You must have gone through the boring situation of trying to watch a video stored locally on your Android device and come across the infamous unsupported file message, is not it? If, yes, you may have noticed that there are several video file formats, hence there are thousands of codecs to run them. Unfortunately, they have not yet invented video players capable of supporting everyone, so you constantly find yourself in the position of having to download others that run that “different” media format. To unzip your search, check out our list now!


Video Player: HD & All Format

It is a very simple video player application capable of playing the many video formats without having to download any additional plug-ins or extra files. In fact, the codec for the video format is one of the most sought after by users, a recurring problem for them. It natively brings all the tools you need for high quality execution, even increasing frame rates per second (FPS).


It is a veteran player in the area of video playback applications that has been updated and improved to date, and has acquired a good base of satisfied users over this long period. It offers multi-core processing decoding, hardware-accelerated video playback, and shared file execution over Wi-Fi networks. It also includes support for external or native subtitles, direct execution of compressed files such as RAR, playlists, and various modes reproduction. You can even download additional plug-ins or subtitles.


It is one of the most popular video players and loved by users, it is open source and totally free. In the codec aspect, this is one of the strengths of this application when compared to others, since it offers the most various pre-installed decoders, avoiding the need to constantly download additional plug-ins to run an unusual media.