Do you have your heart set on buying a mechanical keyboard? These are available in all ranges today, but its wise to spend at least a hundred bucks if you want a decent one. Before you hunt out, you need to ask yourself why are you buying this and read some mechanical keyboard reviews to make sure you buy a good. Below are three questions you should start with!


Why You Want One?

Most mechanical keyboard reviews ask this question. You are spending a good amount on a keyboard, so you should be certain about its use! Mechanical keyboards are different from membrane and typical scissors as they are solid and different according to purpose. For instance, some switches need you to bottom out or press hard, while some have short distance for a quick click.

If you are a writer, you will definitely prefer a short travel while gamers prefer something that can take a hard hit. This helps to avoid accidental commands.

Is It Worth Your Money?

This is something you need to research, and ask around for. Do you really want a high end switch, or a cheaper model is enough? Are you looking for backlit, number pad and how long do you expect it to last? These are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you spend more than $100 on a keyboard.

How Much Noise Can You Bear?

The mechanical keyboard reviews can’t stress this enough! Mechanical keyboards tend to make a lot of noise. Therefore, if you are sensitive to the click of keyboard, you should buy something that creates less noise. There are different switch options in mechanical keyboards. Below are the switch options of Mechanical keyboards with their noise levels:

Cherry MX Blue: Mediate Noise

Cherry MX Brown: Quieter

Cherry MX Black: Quietest

Cherry MX White: Most Noisy