Having problem finding the right people to get your computer fixed in Hoboken? No fuss, you aren’t alone as there’re lots of others like you looking for the best computer repairing services. I myself have suffered from such situation when I needed to get my hard drive fixed.


I tried different companies and services, but all went in vain. Finally, I was referred to Hoboken Tech Solutions by one of my college friends who had tried them already. Well, I decided to give them a chance.

I was quite satisfied with the results as they fixed everything with quick turnaround time. They were so lenient towards listening to my queries and recovered my lost data in no time. Since then, they are my favorite service provider in Hoboken. I feel no hesitation in recommending Hoboken Tech Solutions to anyone looking for professional computer repair services in Hoboken.

The team at Hoboken Teach Solutions is quite adept and committed to providing you with all-inclusive computer repairing services at a very affordable price. From hardware replacement, data recovery and hardware upgrades to new equipment installation and setup, they do it all at a very reasonable price.

When it comes to data recovery, they are just awesome and know exactly how its’ done, be it hard drive data recovery, flash drive recovery or phone data recovery.

Here’s what they have to say about their services;

‘’At Hoboken Tech Solutions, we offer the highest quality computer repair in Hoboken, and at the lowest prices as well. You can bring over your computer regardless of whatever issue you’re experiencing, and we’ll tell you exactly what’s wrong with and around how much it will cost to fix completely for free.’’

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