We can all agree that Google has been changing the internet space every single day. As a business owner, the relevance of this search engine has never been more important to me. However, despite its presence in most business circles, taking advantage of the opportunities it offers is not as easy as it looks. There is a big difference between being an active user of the engine and using the engine to drive traffic to your website. Running an online business requires constant traffic which can easily turn into an actual sale. At the beginning of the year, I decided to change my business strategy by investing in a Google Advertising course for all my staff and myself. I wanted a platform that would offer a hands-on approach since there was a lot at stake for me.

About Drop Shipping

Having worked for different top notch companies in Singapore, I decided to consult them on a training company that would suit my needs. That is how I stumbled upon Conversion Hub. The company is a Digital Marketing Agency offering training to a variety of audiences. The company boasts of well-developed and usable tactics for trainees in the digital space. All these traits were very appealing to my team and myself since we were all coming from the very depths of poor marketing skills using Google.

Learning Outcomes

The Google Advertising Course first began with a brief introduction to the learning outcomes. I had already read through them from the companies’ website just to make sure they were in line with my objectives for the training. However, I found the outcome on Landing page creation very thoughtful. The trainers were very specific in this part of the training. The landing page is the first impression you make to your visitors. It will either break or make a positive outcome. Having attended other training sessions, I must say that Conversion Hub did a great job in delivering all the promised outcomes by the end of the training period.

Comprehensive material

Over the years, I have learned that happy employees are a key driving force for making it big in every business. I hence try to fulfill their ambitions by taking them for training as a means to both my needs for the business and their needs for their personal growth and satisfaction. However, not all training results in the successful implementation of skills learned. This to me is usually a great blow since I invest a lot in this training and take them very seriously. It was hence quite satisfying for me to see all my employees easily convert their knowledge from the Google Advertising training into actual results. It shows that the training exercise was very comprehensive and offered practical solutions.

Parting shot

You will not know until you have tried. It’s important to accept that the world is changing and the only way to stay afloat is to change with it. In the end, knowledge is king over all other factors that influence business. Finding the right partner in the journey to seek this knowledge can easily determine how strong your boat is when the tides sweep in. I am glad that I found Conversion Hub. They are not just a company but more of a partner. They know their content and are definitely tried and tested. Be sure to look them up.